Happy Lucky 13!

This January, Medical Specialty Billing, LLC, celebrates its “lucky 13th” year! Since its start in January 2000, the company has grown from a small local billing center to a nationwide practice with clients from Florida to Washington state. However, business owner Dorothy Trottier has maintained the feel of a small practice, treating each of her clients as if they were her only client.

With many years in the medical field, beginning with work as a CNA and medical assistant in a small 32-bed hospital, to practice management, Dorothy can do much more for her clients than can most billing companies. She feels it is important to be a partner with her clients in their success, and can advise and consult with staff (e.g., with any questions about contracting or insurance). “If a practice manager has needed some extra assistance, I’m always available to answer any questions because of my practice management experience. I’ll send them little articles; I kind of go out of my way to provide extra services. A lot of billing companies don’t do that at all. I feel like my clients are my partners, my friends. I get to know everyone in the practice; I can call them by their first name.” Dorothy finds that her clients appreciate the personal attention and like having the option of working with a small business partner.
All employees at Medical Specialty Billing, LLC, continually educate themselves, keeping up-to-date on all Medicare guidelines, as well as yearly changes in billing codes. Dorothy notes that there is a problem with undercoding as well as overcoding. “Unlike overcoding, a lot of doctors undercode because they are afraid of being audited by the government. They don’t realize that undercoding is also a trigger. I run reports and show where they are undercoding or overcoding. We want the providers to get paid for what they do.” Even with long days (over eight hours a day, every day except Friday: “I refuse to work late on Fridays,” Dorothy jokes), Dorothy feels that being self-employed is a reward in itself. She is a member of the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the American Medical Billing Association.
Over the past 13 years, her work has become more complicated because of the many new coding regulations, but also simpler because the programs used are cloud-based or web-based. In the last seven years, Dorothy changed her server-based program to a cloud-based program, allowing for direct login between her program and the client’s office computer; thus they do not have to be in the same city. With Medical Specialty Billing, LLC, not only are you supporting a woman-owned business which, unlike many newer companies which outsource to countries with no compliance, keeps all its work in the United States, you are getting the experience of a proven track record of over a decade of partnering with clients for their success.


About Dorothy Trottier

For over 13 years I have owned a billing service providing reimbursement and information management designed to maximize the performance of physician based practices. I have over 20 years of insurance billing and medical office administrative experience.
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