Tornados, Floods and Fire and Cloud Based Practice Management Software

We have had some natural disasters lately that have made me think of more than just the awful things that have happened to people. I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through all the devastation that has occurred in towns like Birmingham, Alabama and Joplin, Missouri. Those who are affected are in my prayers.

However, it made me think of the destruction I saw to the hospital in Joplin. I heard that X- Ray films were found miles away. The medical providers who have their offices there may  very well be trying find their patient records too.  I hope that scenario is not playing out in any of these towns.

One way to safeguard the physical loss of patient files and claims and records is to utilize a cloud based Practice Management software system.  The system keeps the information safe in a secure server; usually in another part of the country.  Think when you think cloud based software. The information is stored somewhere in the “cloud” and not in your office. It is secure. It is HIPPA  compliant. It is convenient. It is accessible from anywhere.

I hope that there are no medical offices who are trying to piece together their practice (literally) and get back on their feet with a loss of papers, patient’s protected information and billing information.    Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


About Dorothy Trottier

For over 13 years I have owned a billing service providing reimbursement and information management designed to maximize the performance of physician based practices. I have over 20 years of insurance billing and medical office administrative experience.
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